The Janssen Health and Technology Challenge (HaTCH)is designed to inspire innovation in Australian healthcare.

Australia has developed some ground breaking medical innovations, unique health policy programs and has a strong
healthcare start-up community. As a member of Australia’s healthcare community Janssen wants to support the next generation of
Australian innovation in this space.

Entries for the first Janssen HaTCH have now closed

About the 2014 HaTCH Challenge

Janssen wants you to help us ‘hatch’ a plan to improve Australia’s health.

HaTCH is looking for innovation that will inspire Australians to better connect with their own health and wellbeing. We would love to see innovation that:

  • Improves access to and sharing of health information
  • Transforms healthcare from an individual endeavour into a journey more closely connected to others
  • Grabs people’s attention and make them want to actively manage their health and wellbeing at every stage of their life

In Australia, in line with the National Health Priorities, we need more innovation in the areas of:

  • Obesity
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Mental health  

Additionally, Janssen is interested to see how new innovations discovered in HaTCH can also intersect in therapeutic areas of diabetes, mental health, oncology, virology and immunology.

The Prize*

  • 4 finalists to each receive $10,000
  • Finalists will collaborate with industry experts to workshop their ideas and business plans
  • A single winner will then be chosen to receive $100,000 to kick-start commercialisation of their idea

*Please refer to terms and conditions for full details and conditions relating to the prize

  • Flu or not? Just blow your nose

    Is that bothersome sniffle a sign of the flu or something else? Answering that question could soon be as easy as blowing your nose, with the development of the “Respirio Flu Test” (RFT), one of … Read more...

  • A Picture of health

    A snapshot of a person’s health on a urine test strip is what “Life Picture”, one of four finalists in the Janssen HaTCH technology challenge promises.  With chronic illnesses such as … Read more...

  • Wearing your health on your sleeve

    With apps being so widely used to help keep track of health, there is a great opportunity to connect patients and clinicians around an evidence based, prescribed exercise program to improve health outcomes. … Read more...

The Entries

  • Lifetec ATvisor App

    The ATvisor, LifeTec Assistive Technology (AT) for Clinicians App will be a clinical decision support tool that guides health professionals through the AT prescription process. The app will provide prompts with key clinical questions and determinants that assist in ensuring a high level of service and care for clients. The app will aim to supplement a clinician’s knowledge and provide a shortlist of potential AT solutions that may be suitable for their client. In addition, a user feedback and rating facility will provide the platform for a connected community of health professionals assisting and mentoring one another.
  • One Initiative

    Imagine a thriving, connected community of motivated, physically active, well-nourished and well-rested individuals. We believe that the much needed shift towards prevention and self-management of healthcare is underway but needs appropriate tools and resourcing. Our vision is for a healthcare system focused on the whole person; physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual; providing individuals, health practitioners and organisations with the tools they need to address the lifestyle factors which underpin most chronic, complex and lifestyle-related conditions. Our aim is to launch a world-first online ‘comprehensive lifestyle change’ program, and for it to become an integral part of Australia’s healthcare system.
  • MyVitals

    An adhesive patch including a microchip and processor (called MyVitals™) that can monitor your temperature, heart rate and movement (first iteration) and download the data to an App that can chart results, compare to your personal history or compare to population averages for determining individual health status and maintaining optimum health. As the smartphone has become the platform technology for Apps, MyVitals™ could become a platform technology for accurate personal monitoring. New chips would have greater monitoring capacity of a users vital signs (body temperature, pulse rate, respiration rate, blood pressure) and beyond (glucose, electrolytes, medications, gait analysis etc..)
  • HealthTrack Apps

    A suite of simple, engaging, health-related applications designed for patient-communication and data collection – applications that leverage current patient/consumer use of the so-called SMART (Social, Mobile, Aware and Real-Time) 21st Century technologies. These applications are to be implemented and delivered on behalf of health sector organisations that need more information about health service consumers, and more channels for their health-related messages. The first such application is titled “The Bio-Age Challenge”, it's been sold to the health insurer nib, and pilot testing has uncovered a wealth of information and data that nib didn't have and couldn't get any other way.
  • Royal North Shore Hospital Speech Pathology

    Nursing home residents' often have their diet restricted unnecessarily. We would like to provide an accurate assessment of nursing home residents’ ability to swallow in their own environment, identifying those who have swallowing difficulties and those who do not. This will ensure that nursing home residents with difficulties are offered the safest foods and drinks to swallow (or have access to accurate information in order to make an informed decision) and those who do not have swallow difficulties do not have their food and drinks restricted unnecessarily.
  • Make it APPen

    Somewhere in rural Australia a wife is looking after her dying husband, the syringe driver controlling her husband’s pain has stopped. She does not know who to call for help. She then remembers the App about trouble-shooting Syringe Drivers and fixes the problem. Why is this App not available? There are three main reasons: 1. Hospitals have not considered an App to replace outdated paper forms of sharing information 2. Apps are too expensive 3. App creation is too complicated. Solution: ‘Make it APPen’ software allows non-techie hospital staff the opportunity to create unlimited Apps, in 10 simple steps.

    INTENSIVE CARE AT HOME nursing services for long-term ventilated Adults& Children with Tracheostomies& their Families, as a genuine alternative to a long term stay in Intensive Care. This creates a better quality of life for Patients and their Families, is more cost effective compared to a long term stay in Intensive Care and is freeing up much needed resources in Intensive Care. It’s a tailor made service where all stakeholders(Patients, their Families, Hospitals, Intensive Care Units and health funding agencies) involved win. Intensive Home Care services have been been successfully operating in Germany for the last 15-20 years.
  • Respirio Home Flu Test and iTreat

    The Respirio Flu Test (RFT) is the first non-invasive ultra-sensitive test for influenza infection in children and adults. It takes less than 20 minutes, detects all strains of human influenza (including H1N1 Swine Flu, H5N1 Bird Flu and influenza B), is painless and as easy as blowing your nose. A positive test (only) displays a unique code which gives access to medical certification of infection and (with regulatory permission) anti-viral medicines such as oseltamivir. Influenza negative results are supported with advice on symptomatic relief and everyone is advised when to seek expert care. Be Better Sooner and avoid spreading Flu
  • Antibacterial applications for Black Silicon

    Imagine a hospital room, door handle or kitchen bench that is free from germs, and not one drop of disinfectant was needed. The microbial contamination of surfaces remains a worldwide research challenge. But a surface that physically destroys microbes by deforming or destroying their cell walls will sidestep the ability of microbes to develop drug resistance. Our team demonstrated that nanostructured black silicon is this germ killer. The bactericidal activity displayed provides an opportunity for a new approach to mechanoresponsive microbiology. Fabrication of such nanomaterials means we can develop a range of bactericidal surfaces within biomedical and industrial applications.
  • Footprints - a sensor for walking frames

    We are building Footprints, a sensor for walking frames to prevent falls in the elderly. Since falls are the result a slow deterioration of gait quality being able to continuously monitor gait will enable more proactive falls prevention measures. Our sensor will measure the same clinometric properties of gait that clinicians use today to understand falls risk but do so: continuously, passively and contextually so that treatment can be delivered before a fall happens, interventions can be optimised and their efficacy measured. The Footprints sensor will transform falls prevention approaches from an event driven paradigm to a data driven one.
  • An improved automated medication dispensing system

    Errors involving medications are the most common incidents reported in hospitals and aged care facilities. These errors include wrong formulation, omission, overdose, timing and wrong route of administration. Some errors such as wrong formulation, omission and timing can be avoided when an automated medication dispensing system (ADS) is used. My idea is an improved automated medication dispensing system (imADS) suitable for use in a home, pharmacy, aged care facility or hospital. Although several dose administration aids and automated dispensing systems already exist in the market this system offers several additional benefits.
  • TLC for kids - ODIS Project

    ODIS - Online Information Distraction Solution: To establish an online/app information portal to link hospitals working with children around the country to share tips and techniques on the latest distractional therapy methods being used to distract children during medical examinations and procedures.
  • DCP

    Distribute results for routine pathology and radiology to patients direct from GP's including reports, GP's comments and GP's instructions via simple to follow colour coded scheme for determining actions for patients to follow. This will reduce unnecessary consultations, reduce waiting lists for GP appointments, eliminate telephone calls received from patients requesting results and free up 2-3 hours weekly for GP's who no longer have to deal with telephone calls from patients discussing results. The service maintains a high degree of patient satisfaction, is simple to implement and highly cost effective for GP's with significant savings to the Medicare purse.
  • Self-management of falls by video

    Falls are a common health problem in older people and are associated with significant morbidity, mortality and healthcare costs. People with dementia are four times more likely to experience falls than normal older people. An effective intervention to prevent fall can improve patient’s quality of life and can reduce the serious consequences of falls. We have developed a patient-centred scenario-based video on self-managing the risk-taking behaviour that may lead to falls. The video was proven highly effective in patients with or without cognitive impairment in our pilot RCT of 358 inpatients, reducing falls by 50%.
  • Amblyoptica

    Can you imagine not being able to play ball games or being unable to read the expression on your loved ones face? This is the fate of between 3 - 5% of the population who develop Amblyopia (lazy eye) as a child. While children can be treated with conventional “patching” of the good eye to force the “lazy eye” to work, approximately 60% carry Amblyopia into adult life! We are developing a completely new medical device to treat Amblyopia in children and adults. We use the ‘good’ eye and the brain to teach the amblyopic eye how to see.
  • HotDoc - The Connection Point Between Patient & Doctor

    HotDoc has successfully developed and commercialised a seamless booking product, which provides direct access to the doctor’s schedule. HotDoc’s next step is to develop a service that enables direct access to the doctor. Repeat prescriptions, referrals and non-urgent clinical results are classic examples of services that can be delivered without a face-to-face consultation. However, there is no current platform in Australia, which enables doctors to perform these services online through a frictionless transaction. HotDoc is about to change that.
  • Alembra Diagnostics: Innovating for Better Aged Care

    As the saying goes: "What's worth doing is worth doing well." But when it comes to diagnosing and treating urinary tract infections in frail, elderly female patients, we are not doing it well. Fundamental to the problem is the difficulty in obtaining a clean urine sample from cognitively and/or physically impaired patients. Alembra Diagnostics is a patient-focused, nurse-led company that has developed a simple, disposable device to overcome the barriers to performing this extremely common and important procedure. We want to provide a better diagnostic, which means better treatment and better outcomes for the growing aged care sector.
  • Quantified Health

    Quantified Health helps individuals better manage their health via a chronic disease management platform. Users are empowered with smart data about their condition which is shared with health professional. This helps the individual manage their health proactively, increases individual health engagement and informs clinical decisions for health professionals.
  • Virtual Optimisation of Residential Aged Care Facility Care

    Residential aged care facilities (RACF) represent a poorly serviced spectrum in health-care leading to end-stage disease diagnoses and unnecessary hospital usage. Australian telehealth opportunities provide the chance for multi-disciplinary, community led, (privately based) specialist teams to provide virtual care to RACF residents with streamlined co-ordination of health information between specialists, primary care providers and allied health based on best-practice principles for prevention and management of disease processes. This project will develop a system to implement a user-friendly (at both ends), cost-effective, integrated cloud-based consultation solution for residents in these facilities and for the specialists and GPs wishing to service them.
  • Development of a men's weigh loss program as a Shared Medical Appointment

    1. To reduce overweight/obesity (and associated chronic disease) in middle-aged Australian males through an updated package of a proven men’s ‘waist loss’ program (‘GutBusters’); 2. To provide this and training for delivery of the program through Primary Health Care Centres throughout Australia through a new (and tested) form of medical consultation (Shared Medical Appointments), thus ensuring better medical delivery, widespread adoption and continued sustainability of such a program. 3. To develop and evaluate health outcomes, and a business model for dissemination of such a program (‘GutBuster’s Shared Medical Appointments’) through Australian primary care centres.
  • MedReminder

    It is human nature to be forgetful, where taking medicine is concerned, this tiny frailty takes on a more harmful nature. Our idea, MedReminder is to facilitate the timely adherence of medication through smart phones. Once administered by a Pharmacist, MedReminder allows a user to scan their medicine on their phone and create an alarm for each time the medicine is required to be taken. Even though there are a couple of solutions out there, none of them use automation that occurs with the transfer of data from the Pharmacist to the user, minimising the risk of error.
  • Healthy Australia

    This is a communication and health management initiative. Healthy Australia creates an engaging and unique perspective to understand and promote differences in individual decision making about health issues through behavioural profiling. This understanding assists communication to healthsumers to help better manage their health. The healthsumer personality profiles are based on validated survey items that measure locus of control, inquisitiveness (or health literacy) and vitality. HEALTHimal™ profiles are described as a means of understanding and profiling healthsumers’ health management behaviour.
  • Life Picture - A Biomarker Health Monitoring System

    Chronic diseases involve changes to the molecular pathways of individuals. Urine provides a complete source of metabolic health. Routine monitoring of urinary metabolic biomarkers can be used to detect changes in the metabolism and predict disease. A health monitoring system using urinary biomarkers and smartphone technology is proposed. A smartphone app processes assays of targeted metabolites to monitor and detect disease risk factors in urine. Changes to diet and lifestyle behaviours can be directly measured and assessed through the metabolic profiles. Communication services on the smartphone integrate with eHealth to share information, receive metabolic guidelines, and provide data for researchers.
  • TrackActive

    TrackActive is a cloud-based web, tablet and mobile platform for health and medical professionals to efficiently prescribe customised, evidence-based exercise programs to patients with chronic non-communicable disease or musculoskeletal injury. The platform supports use by multiple health professionals to view, edit and monitor patient programs thus improving communication and information sharing. With the explosive growth in wearable technology, TrackActive plans to integrate with this hardware to quantify and describe patient activity. The end result is that patients will have the confidence to self manage their conditions due to the authoritative support of practitioner driven exercise prescription and monitoring.
  • Peer support for people with mental illness after discharge from hospital

    People with serious mental illness are at greatly increased risk of suicide attempts and self harm in the period immediately after discharge from hospital. We believe that with appropriate peer support, in addition to ordinary post discharge care, more people can be safe from the consequences of suicidal ideation and attempts in this vulnerable time, as well as other stresses that increase the likelihood of re-admission. Having somebody on hand ‘who has been there’ can be invaluable, as people struggle towards acceptance and self-management of their condition. This project proposes a low cost alternative to post-discharge care by health professionals
  • SBC Research

    We are aiming to develop a novel blood-based screening test for the early detection of breast cancer that is affordable, accurate and accessible to all women. This technology is based on detecting novel substances (lipids) in the blood that indicate the presence of breast cancer. Early data indicates that breast cancers shed cancer-associated lipids into the bloodstream and these are detectable using technology called mass spectrometry. Such a test would revolutionise the detection of breast cancer for women of all ages regardless of race or geographic distribution.
  • GeneMiner

    An information and alert service that integrates the individual's genome with other data to help people achieve a better quality of life
  • Mimi

    "The Hub" is an app which takes a holistic approach to health and fitness. It contains daily meditations, daily meal plans with a focus on unprocessed, natural foods and a balanced diet, and 3-weekly workout plans. Users can track their progress through 'health checks'. The appeal of The Hub is that it is an "all-in-one" app which fits into the busy lives of Australians, making being healthy easy.
  • Brain imaging agent for early detection/monitoring of dementia

    Early in Alzheimer’s disease, the cholinergic neurons of the brain degenerate, or fail to function normally, and consequently, the ability to form new memories is lost. Clinicians currently have no way to look inside the patient’s brain and see how many healthy cholinergic neurons remain. We are developing a novel brain-imaging agent that will allow clinicians to safely and selectively see and count the number of healthy cholinergic neurons in the patient’s brain. This brain-imaging agent will allow early detection and monitoring of dementia and help identify new treatments that can slow or halt memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Self Serve Health Station

    With the growing popularity of health apps, there is increasing health awareness across society. However much of it is based on questionable health content and metrics. Consumers need a simple, accessible and evidence based means to measure key health indicators, track progress and receive feedback to improve their health. We have developed a web enabled, self-serve biometric health station capable of measuring metrics (BMI, blood pressure etc.) and providing feedback to the individual. The Station will integrate with our online platform, measuring additional lifestyle factors, and health and distributing ongoing motivation and coaching to support them in achieving better .
  • Teleroo - Telepresence Care

    Dementia is the single greatest cause of disability in older Australians (aged 65 years or older) and the third leading cause of disability burden overall. More than 50% of residents in Australian Government-subsidised aged care facilities have dementia (85,227 out of 164,116 permanent residents with an ACFI assessment at 30 June, 2011). There are more than 332,000 Australians living with dementia. This number is expected to increase by one third to 400,000 in less than ten years. 2Mar Robotics is creating Teleroo, a remote-controlled telepresence robot to assist dementia patients with communication.
  • Preadmissions Australia

    Imagine if going to have surgery was as easy as airline online fare comparison, booking and kiosk checkin at the airport, minus the security gate. Your surgeon/anaesthetist or hospital refers you to and all your relevant medical data is then analysed with our outcome-risk modelling system and securely distributed to your surgeon/anaesthetist/hospital along with best practice recommendations on managing your medical risks. You get a secured clinical communication network, billing portal and risk assessment all in one place. You get transparency, accountability and most importantly PEACE OF MIND.
  • Mediconsult

    A website or portal that allows patients to interact and communicate with their healthcare providers via the internet. The site would initially allow patients to: • Book appointments • Order repeat prescriptions • Review test results • Secure messaging between patients and healthcare providers • Upload patient generated data from home monitoring, wearable fitness devices, etc. Other functions such as medications and a clinical summary record could be added as demand arises.
  • We Test Quick

    The concept is a rapid point-of-care system for diagnosis of antibiotic susceptibility for urinary tract infections (UTIs). Currently, diagnosis involves microbiological culturing methods that take several days. Meanwhile women with recurrent UTIs often receive a course of antibiotics based on broad-spectrum susceptibility. The high frequency of recurrence of UTIs, combined with the delay associated with culture and susceptibility analysis have contributed to widespread misuse of antibiotics, which has led to the development of resistant pathogens and decreased the lifespan of antibiotics (1). We will develop a simple system that provides antibiotic susceptibility analysis within 3 hours, at the clinician’s office.
  • CRUfAD

    Depression and anxiety are common and disabling, yet often go undetected and remain untreated in people with chronic physical diseases (e.g., diabetes, osteoarthritis, cancer). The aim of this project is to develop a new tailored online treatment program for the self-management of comorbid chronic physical diseases and depression and anxiety. This online program will provide a low-cost, convenient and accessible way to reduce distress, as well as promote individuals with these comorbid conditions to take control of managing their physical and mental wellbeing. We believe that both physical and mental health must be concurrently addressed for maximum benefit.
  • Medication Alliance

    Patient non-adherence to medication remains a major burden on healthcare systems, particularly so amongst patients with chronic health conditions. Despite this, few "frontline" health care professionals receive adequate training in the skills required for the identification of a patient's adherence needs. Medication Alliance is a proven learning platform for the up-skilling of health care professionals in medication adherence, targeting the attitudes and beliefs that can act as a barrier to effective service delivery. Medication Alliance delivered in a web-based format will retain the existing benefits as well as overcome previous barriers.
  • Asking Better Questions

    The application is a flexible series of questions delivered to the user to help them become more aware of their behaviours. We are often unaware of our emotions and actions and it often takes a friend or coach to notice our behaviour for us. But what if a mobile application could deliver the right question to help us expand our awareness of our behaviours? Like a good coach, the app never gives you the answer instead it just brings the awareness in with powerful questions, allowing the user to shape their own thoughts and choices positively for the future
  • HealthKlout

    Obesity is one of, if not THE biggest health challenge Australia will face - National Health and Medical Research Council Motivation is the reason 97% of Adults don't exercise enough - University of Missouri Money has proven to be a huge motivator it fitness - College of Cardiology’s 62nd Annual Scientfic Session HealthKlout. Get paid for every healthy choice. Healthkloud pairs your wearable data to your health insurance, providing you with your HealthKlout. Every time you make a healthy choice, your premium for that month is reduced.

Entries for the first Janssen HaTCH have now closed